The occasion of the tourist development of Greece and the needs of the market that arose in terms of covering the food of the growing foreign visitors, led to the establishment of Greek Cuisine in 2000 by Evangelos Brakopoulos. Its aim was to help especially the areas of limited productivity (eg islands) but high traffic (from March to October) but the creation of large food production units could not maintain them due to seasonal needs and distance. So the project started and found an excellent response.

Today the company has a presence abroad with famous delicacies of predominantly Greek culture and taste. In general, the menu of Greek Cuisine is very rich and consists of recipes that cover all eating habits. Recipes with meat, minced meat, oily, vegetables etc. all cooked without preservatives and according to traditional Greek recipes. At the same time and in the context of a balanced diet, it proceeds to the research and production of well-publicized but also substantial in content, Vegan and Plant Based products. The art, the taste, the quality and the taste are sure to make many people lick their fingers!


Greek Cuisine changes the landscape of taste, quality and service, offering you ready meals, cooked from fresh and pure ingredients! All you have to do is show the menu to your customers and wish them a good appetite!

The cooperation with us will open a new cycle of development of your activity and will bring new customers but also additional profits to your business! A key ally in this new perspective is -as always- the consistency, respect, service and quality guarantee that accompanies the name of our company.

The ready meals of Greek Cuisine are addressed to all companies that are active in the field of catering and offer ready meals or even the possibility of “take away” such as: restaurants, fish-taverns, hotels, canteens, café-snack etc. It is addressed to you who are looking for new ways to increase your clientele, who are not satisfied with the established ones, who are looking for new ideas and are looking ahead. So put your business in a new perspective of growth and profitability. Food was, is and will always be a key element of the Greek mentality.


Our customers belong to the categories of food distribution such as: Super-Market, Restaurants, Fish-Taverns, Hotels, Canteens, Coffee-Snack-Shops, Ships, Schools, Universities, Airlines, Super Market, Military facilities etc.


Our company from 2020 proceeded to changes in its packaging, using aluminum utensils. Ensures the same conditions of manufacture-packaging-storage while at the same time minimizes the use of plastic and the burden on the environment. The company based on its environmental sensitivity by 2023 will reduce to 0.4% the use of plastic of any form.


Our company applies all HACCP health and safety standards for which it is certified.

It also uses C-PET type utensils for packaging. They have the ability to keep the packaged meals in excellent quality for a period of 1 year, maintaining the freshness and the organoleptic characteristics of the products. The packaging-storage preparation method ensures the preservation of our products and facilitates our partner in the provision of safe food.

The production process is based on aseptic treatment conditions with the help of technology and repeated microbiological tests in the context of verification of proper management and safe production protocols.